bKL's Wolf Point West

It was an incredible honor to film such an important site and landmark building in Chicago's rich architectural landscape.

bKL's MILA Chicago

Anchoring the northwest corner of Lake Street and Michigan Avenue, this 41-story, 402-unit residential tower sits prominently beside the historic Carbide and Carbon Building. With an east-west orientation and narrow face addressing Michigan Avenue, the new tower complements its Art Deco predecessor. Its siting encourages a dialogue between the buildings while permitting enough space for each to establish its distinct presence. The Michigan Avenue tower features two levels of retail and garage parking. Amenities include a fitness room, lounge, game room and party room. Outdoor space can accommodate large or small gatherings, and the building provides a rooftop pool and a dog run. Partially inset residential balconies on the north and south facades complement a clean, modern, highly polished face on Michigan Avenue. The site is easily accessible to the shopping of north Michigan Avenue and the many attractions of Millennium and Grant Parks. This project is LEED Gold certified. bklarchitecture.com -----
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Patricia McKissack shares some of her early inspirations

Patricia McKissack shares some of her early inspirations in becoming a writer as part of an upcoming documentary on her and Fred McKissack's amazing career writing books for children.

Andrea Davis Pinkney talks about meeting Patricia and Fredrick McKissack

Andrea Davis Pinkney shares her memories of first meeting Patricia and Fredrick Mckissack. This clip is from an upcoming documentary on the McKissack's life and their incredible journey by simply writing books for children.

Donald Martiny: Artwork in Progress for the One World Trade Center

This video is an intimate look at Donald Martiny’s creation of two monumental works which are permanently installed in the Lobby of One World Trade Center.

Donald Martiny’s evolution as an artist began with the inspiration to break the rectangle, and the art historic reference to the window or portal. His monumental brushstrokes bring the figure and experience of the painting forward, initiating an intimate and dynamic relationship with the viewer.

Martiny states: “I want the experience of my work to take place in the same space as the viewer. I believe life is motion, I want my work to celebrate life. There are no straight lines in my work. The works are sweeping, dynamic gestures. The painting is the gesture, the gesture is the painting.”

This revolutionary concept led to the seven yearlong development of a new kind of paint that is strong enough to work without the traditional canvas or panel (ground).

This paint allows Martiny to create monumental paintings, often made directly with his hands, the brushstrokes form an intimate signature of the artist.

Video Production by MaxamillianStudio.com

Image credits courtesy of Fort Wayne Museum of Art and The Baker Sponder Gallery

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bKL's Exhibit on Superior

The Exhibit on Superior team describes the evolution of their 10,000 s.f. park, which includes international artist Pal Svensson's sculpture, Twisted Triangle.

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bKL's GEMS World Academy, Lower School

GEMS World Academy is a private K–12 school in Chicago’s Lakeshore East Community. The two-building vertical campus marries GEMS’ program with local requirements, creating a new model for a high-rise school in an arena of limited precedents. The use of state-of-the art technology enables students to collaborate with classrooms throughout the world, providing an international perspective on education. The Lower School houses 660 students within 10 stories on a limited site. Juxtaposed against an adjacent park, the playful exterior is a modernist composition of interlacing colored panels and glass. The configuration responds to internal program elements while rationalizing the construction, allowing for fast-paced fabrication. Organized to reduce travel times, the common areas are stacked centrally. Interior architecture is driven by flexibility, optimized floor area, connectivity, daylight and views. The design responds to the unique site constraints, provides a variety of spatial experiences, and makes strategic use of color and materials while maintaining a consistent approach to detailing. http://bklarchitecture.com/project-ca... ----- Video Production: http://www.maxamillianstudio.com/ Drone Work: http://www.dronemediachicago.com/ Music: Dalen Wuest




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Max Meyer Honored at the US Department of Education

In the fall of 2015, I was honored at the US Department of Education for my work with the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the creation of the Hope Gap Project for the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. This honor is shared with some of the countries best teachers, amazing friends, and represents over 10 years of work.

Mark Paul Smith: Storyteller, Author, Shares Honey and Leonard

Mark Paul Smith, many know him as an incredible storyteller, mentor, and most of all a showman.  He shares with us a few of his adventures and his newest book about love on the run with, Honey and Leonard.

His new book “Honey and Leonard” which is part romance novel for those you’ve leveled up in life and also offers wisdom and a glimmer of hope and perspective to those dealing with the stress of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  


Donald Martiny Teaser

A teaser for the forth coming works by Donald Martiny. Martiny discusses his creative process behind this new monumental project.

Donald Martiny Discusses his Artwork at FWMoA

n the 1950s, artists like Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline elevated the gesture to the position of the protagonist in abstract expressionism. In the 21st century, Donald Martiny advances that idea considerably further by freeing the gesture of gestural abstraction from the substrate which, heretofore, provided the context that brought gesture to life.

Meridian: Paintings and Ceremonial Art by Tobi Kahn at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Seeing the spiritual, and even the most mundane aspects of our cultural landscape, Tobi Kahn presents paintings that are as much about our feelings for space as the space itself. For thirty years, Kahn has been steadfast in the pursuit of his distinct vision and persistent in his commitment to the redemptive possibilities of art. In paint, stone, and bronze, he has explored the correspondence between the intimate and monumental.

From the Artist:

"I have always believed that art can be redemptive, a powerful force in mending the world. In the face of the world’s instability, I want to reveal not the evident reality but its essence.

These works of space and ceremony make visible a quest to purify what we remember into archetypes. They are meant to suggest the paradox of our lives—that memory is continually being transformed by imagination, turning the past into a dream of how we might live.

In all my work, I am trying to distill the complex beauty of the world into its elemental forms, while evoking the mystery beneath such seeming simplicity.

“Meridian” reflects my memory of nature’s sublime moments at their zenith. The experience of nature is inevitably evanescent, but its embodiment in art can partake of eternity."

Cheyney Rose talks about the Hope Gap Project and her New Future

I created and developed The Hope Gap Project for the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in fall of 2014. The Hope Gap Project will be highlighted at the Department of Education in Washington DC in Sept 2015, and will expand Nationally in the fall of 2015.

Cheyney Rose is a Senior from South Side High School. Cheyney shares her perspective on the Hope Gap Project and how the program has changed her life.

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art designed this program to inspire our Urban Youth to become the next generation of Creative Leaders in our Nation. With the help of the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, FWMoA is introducing former students with similar backgrounds that flourished due to their artistic talents, hard-work and the help of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Steven Sorman: Only When

Orignally Produced for the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Steven Sorman is renowned for his complicated printmaking processes that result in lush and complex surfaces. Sorman’s prints are extremely detailed and full of vivid color.

Since 1970, over 80 one- artist exhibitions have featured Sorman’s work in galleries in Singapore, Sweden and the United States. In the 1970s, prestigious exhibits included the “Paper as Medium”, Smithsonian Institute; The National Print Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and the 13th International Biennial of Graphic Art in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. His work is in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; The Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art, both in New York City; the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, among others. Sorman won the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Merit World Print III Award in 1980, the Rockefeller Foundation American Center Artist in Residence in Paris in 1982, and the 2nd Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Prints Merit Award in 1991 (Bhopal, India).

Cary Shafer Creates Tilted Arch

This first interview with Cary Shafer while creating his work "Tilted Arch". Tilted Arch was commissioned by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's and will be displayed in the Sculpture Court starting Fall of 2012. Cary Talks about his training, his career as we get a behind the scenes look at studio and his process.